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To help your family achieve multi-generation prosperity. We maintain relationships with approximately 120 families and manage about $200 Million of their assets. For over 30 years, Jim’s goal has been to help his clients achieve an ever rising income stream that maintains their standard of living and supports their children and grandchildren.

Vaughan & Co. Securities, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor located in Ridgewood, N.J. and family owned since 1986, helps select families achieve multi-generational prosperity. Although our investment advisory programs are equity oriented, we consider all of your financial assets and liabilities in developing a plan for you. All of our investment plans will be incorporated with your estate plan. Although past performance does not guarantee future results, we will be advocates for long term equity investments because the high expected returns with higher expected volatility should mean a fundamentally superior standard of living for you and your family. We prosper as you prosper. Please “Request our Free Report” to learn more.